Sharing communities

Where can I find a list or map of cosmopool communities?

There ist no list yet and probably there are no communities yet.


Can I use the software? When will it be ready?

The software is still in development. The first developer version will become available in 2013. Can I use the software on my mobile?

A mobile version will be started when the current version will be finished.

What can I do while the software is not available? Are there alternatives?

Try some of these tools.

I have seen a screenshot of the cosmopool software. Why is it so complicated?

It’s actually rather simple, but it’s not what you are accustomed to from consumer products. You’ll have to take some minutes to read the tutorial.


Isn’t sharing illegal?

Good luck, you are well conditioned. ☺


How can I support the cosmopool project?

  • Make it known to those who might want to use it: send the web address, http://www.cosmopool.net, to your friends, put links on your own websites
  • Ask questions, be critical and creative. Participate in discussions. Help improving this website, contribute links and send corrections, see contact.
  • Help coding