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This is the wiki for the cosmopool software development project, a distributed ontology editor with ACLs.

The cosmopool software (still unreleased) is a knowledge management and communication tool for people living in (mainly local) communities, which are tied together in a network. Each community has its own server node and connects via existing internet lines and through inter-personal trust relationships to other communities.


  • Knowledge is modelled (ontologically) as classes (patterns), instances (+copies) and relations
  • Users have full control over the access to the knowledge they entered
  • Users can define own (knowledge) classes; generally accepted definitions arise from peer-reviewing
  • Emphasis on quick access to serial (table-like) knowledge (including automated searches)
  • Linking between knowledge items with minimal effort (drag&drop)
  • qooxdoo-based web application
  • python-based server
  • non-commercial software license

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