Internet resources

Here is a list of internet resources focusing on sharing or moneyless life:


(All of the following tools are different from cosmopool regarding user empowerment, privacy or community structure.)

  • easily share your stuff and borrow from friends (community oriented; communities must pay money)
  • darudar gift giving website popular in Russia
  • freecycle simple mailing list (one per city) to announce gifts and wishes
  • freegle network of local groups to give stuff away, user base in mainly UK
  • sharing platform (give + wish) emphasizing privacy
  • neighborhood sharing platform, user base mainly in UK
  • neighborhood sharing platform, user base mainly in Estonia
  • RetroShare Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform
  • Vivir Bien Mapping resources for a solidarity economy
  • WhyOwnIt A smartphone app for lending, German language only
  • "Safe & simple peer to peer sharing", requires Facebook account
  • neighborhoodfruit iPhone app for sharing edibles with neighbors
  • neighborgoods Save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends
  • ourgoods a barter network for the creative community

During the last years there were also others, which went offline, e.g.:

  • NutziGems and Conceptualized around 2003 and coded in PHP
  • “Borrow, lend or rent anything with those you trust.”
  • active 2012, oriented towards pupils
  • until July 2013, see review

Other attempts:

  • people around had ideas (1, 2) for a system to share information on what you are searching

Theory and other resources